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  • Download the latest version of Freeradius 3 (FR3)

  • Extract the FR3 source code

  • Compile and install FR3


    If you are using edushib vm image, you may need to install some additional libraries:

    It is assume that you have had host certificate ready, otherwise you can follow the following steps to obtain one from letsencrypt:

    CentOS 6
    CentOS 7
  • Download and run the installation kit

  • Test run


    If you are using EduShibVA, you must turn off the radsecproxy and freeradius(2) service and inform the NRO admin before you proceed with the following steps

  • Should there is no error/misconfigure, you could link back the FR3 with the user database/directory service. For AD user you could perform the following commands:

    , while for LDAP user, you could perform the following commands:

  • To run the FR3 in the background, perform the following commands:

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