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This section provides information about how to use SIFULAN Federation Manager portal.


To log in, please visit the following URL: . Click the Log in button (red button) at the top right to open the login window.

Enter the username and password (SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation provides Federation Member an username and password to login to the SIFULAN Federation manager.),

after that click the "Sign in" button. If the username and password are correct, the main screen will be opened.

Register Identity Provider (IdP) Service

To register your Identity Provider (IdP) service, Click Register->Identity Provider as shown below:

The easiest way to input your IdP metadata is by filling/copy-pasting your IdP metadata inside the Metadata box then click the "Next" button as shown below:

Alternatively, you could input your IdP metadata manually by leaving the Metadata box empty and click the "Next" button.

Despite you choose to input your metadata by filling the Metadata box, you should review the information provided by the Metadata before submitting the Metadata information

for approval by the SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation administrator as some information may be missing/not available as wasn't provided by the Metadata. In case of missing information, you

could simply add it by filling the text field to provide the information. Please take note that the more detail information is the better as the Service Provider may utilize this information

for a custom service. Below are some snapshots (with description) of the Metadata information review process.

Please select SIFULAN as the Federation that you would like to join.

To enter the information about the Organization (e.g. in English language), click the "Add in new language" button, and key in the information. Should you want to enter

the Organization information in another language, you can click the Language from the list, then click again the "Add in new language" button.

Click the "Contacts" tab to review/enter the Contacts information. There are several types of contact that you can choose by clicking the Type drop-down menu.

To add more contact, simply click the "Add contact" button.


The eduGAIN inter-federation requires the Contact information to use a service email account instead of an individual email account.

Click the "UI information" tab to review/enter the UI (Display) information. This information typically used by the SP or Discovery Service (DS) to list the name of IdP.

The step to enter the information is pretty much similar to like entering information on the Organization. You can put the information in multiple languages.

Click the "SAML" tab to review/enter the SAML configuration information. The information in this tab has to be very accurate as the SAML middleware (e.g. Shibboleth or SimpleSAMLphp) will use

this information to set up the SAML/communication operation. Please refer to SAML metadata specification and SAML middleware documentation for the explanation of each configuration point.

Finally, the "Certificate" tab shows the IdP public key certificates that is used to secure the communication channel.


Once you finish reviewing/updating the Metadata information, click the "Register" button at the bottom of the page for the Federation Manager administrator to review the application.

Once the administrator approved, your IdP metadata will be included in the Federation Metadata.

Register Service Provider (SP) Service

The steps to register a Service Provider (SP) service is pretty much similar to an IdP, hence you could follow the steps for an IdP to register an SP service. The main difference is instead of clicking "Register->Identity Provider" menu, you shall click the "Register->Service Provider" menu to register an SP service.

Updating Metadata Information

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