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Code Block
 * Consent module is enabled (with no permanent storage, using cookies).

90 => array(
	'class' => 'consent:Consent',
	'store' => 'consent:Cookie',
	'focus' => 'yes',
	'checked' => TRUE


Enable the Consent module:


Code Block
# touch /var/www/simplesamlphp/modules/consent/enable

6. Check the Initial Installation and Config


Code Block
# mkdir /var/www/simplesamlphp/metadata/metadata-sifulan
# chown apache: /var/www/simplesamlphp/metadata/metadata-sifulan
# mkdir /var/www/simplesamlphp/metadata/metadata-edugain
# chown apache: /var/www/simplesamlphp/metadata/metadata-edugain (optional)


Download SIFULAN's metadata signing certificate:


Please click here for the tutorial  on on how you can register your metadata with SIFULAN Federation.





12. Customizing the Theme

You can use the SimpleSAMLphp Theme Generator to customize the theme. You can find the tutorial from here.